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Many fintech software providers are focused on making it easier for organizations to build products for consumers and businesses, which is an area where traditional banks have been slow to keep up. However, there’s still plenty of opportunity for smaller companies to carve out a niche in fintech software, especially as technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace.

While there are many different types of restaurant software available, most fall into two main categories: POS systems and accounting systems. POS systems are designed specifically for restaurants and include both hardware (like cash registers) and software (like point-of-sale software). In contrast, accounting systems are designed for businesses of all sizes and are typically more sophisticated than POS systems. They include all the necessary features you’d expect from a traditional accounting system, like invoices and payroll, but they can also offer additional services like inventory management and employee scheduling.


Smart Guy is the one-stop solution for all restaurant or food delivery shops


Smart Guy

It provides table management/ order management and invoicing of orders with all the taxes and discounts with payment of different payment modes and is also used for pos where you can print your receipt created by an app.

Food Delivery App
Food Delivery App

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