Fintech software is a generic term describing the software tools used by financial institutions to manage their digital transformation. These tools can be used to automate processes and make everything from customer onboarding to sales and invoicing more efficient and streamlined. Fintech software applications can take on many forms, including automation platforms that securely connect customers with financial institutions and can create new digital products such as mobile banking apps or online payment systems while also reducing costs. Other applications can help banks manage compliance, streamline operations and optimize the entire customer journey from A-Z

Many fintech software providers are focused on making it easier for organizations to build products for consumers and businesses, which is an area where traditional banks have been slow to keep up. However, there’s still plenty of opportunity for smaller companies to carve out a niche in fintech software, especially as technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace.


It is a CRM software for small businesses


A simple CRM software to follow up with your potential customers through the Enquiry/Sales life cycle, Create and share quotations on the go, Manage projects, Tasks & job works with ease, and Send Invoices in a breeze. In short, become productive and focus more time on growing your business.

Onedigiflow business
Onedigiflow Dashboard

Enhance relationships with customers and prospects

It has features like adaptive dashboards, sorting and tracking leads, streamlining the process for efficient management, invoicing, Attaching documents, etc

It is used by a variety of business-like gyms, studios, tours and travels, Real estate, etc


It is used by a variety of business-like gyms, studios, tours and travels, Real estate, etc

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