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Experience seamless and Transparent Fundraising for Projects right inside your Group Chats. Here are some features you can enjoy on the Talkaado App

Talkaado App

some features you can enjoy on the Talkaado App

YOUR PROFILE : Create a profile on Talkaado that displays your education and work experience to make it easy for people to know your potential and the value you can offer.

TALKAADO AID : Create private Help Me projects outside of groups and invite other members of the Talkaado Community to support you by donating to your project wallet.

PROJECTS : Create projects with target funds within your group chat and invite group members to make traceable financial contributions directly into the project wallet.

DIRECT MESSAGING : If you need to contact a group member directly our direct Messaging allows you to Chat with people privately outside of groups. You can send pictures, videos, audio messages, documents, and text.

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