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There is a new app in the market that is specifically designed for the Jain community. The app, called Jainista, allows users to connect with other Jain fellows and share photos and videos of their daily lives.

Jaininsta App

What Makes Jainista Different?

Unlike other social media platforms, Jainista is specifically designed for the Jain community. This means that it offers features and functions that are not available on other apps.

Some of the key features include

PHOTO AND VIDEO SHARING : Users can share photos and videos of their everyday lives with other community members. This provides a great way to stay connected with friends and family members.

Connecting with other members of the community on a personal level.

DISCUSSION FORUMS : There are several discussion forums where users can discuss various topics related to the Jain religion and lifestyle. This provides an opportunity for users to learn from each other and exchange ideas.

HELP : dedicated help and support if any issue arises or having trouble with the app.

SECURITY : to use an app to its full potential each user needs to verify with its government-recognized ID so there will be real and authentic users and no spam.

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