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Summit’s Tractors was formed from a new vision for how compact tractors and related equipment are designed, and where they are sold, financed, and serviced.

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Our tractors are ready to go to work, with standard features such as rear remotes, 3rd function valves, drawbars, tow hooks, skid-steer quick-attach self-leveling loaders, a great seat, simple controls, a toolbox, enhanced lighting features, and much more; all things that are typically available only as options elsewhere.

We believe that compact tractors should be available for sale at leading farm supply and home improvement retailer store locations, where tractor owners and prospective owners regularly shop for many related products.

We believe that tractor buyers should be able to apply for financing 24/7 from any connected device and that all loan documents are produced and signed electronically to streamline the entire process.

Problem Statement/Challenges

The existing procedure for acquiring, financing, and maintaining compact tractors falls short in terms of convenience, accessibility, and efficient document management, even with the inclusion of reputable tractor service dealers strategically located within the respective communities where the tractors are sold.

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Solution Provided/ Result

Summit's Tractors aims to revolutionize the compact tractor industry by addressing existing challenges and introducing innovative solutions through software applications. To enhance convenience and accessibility, an integrated Tractor Sales App will be developed, allowing customers to browse and purchase tractors directly from leading retailers. For financing, a dedicated Financing Application App will be created, enabling buyers to apply for loans 24/7 from any connected device. The process will be streamlined with instant approvals and digital document signing facilitated by an Electronic Document Management App. Lastly, a Tractor Service and Maintenance App will offer owners a seamless platform to schedule maintenance, request repairs, and access troubleshooting guides. These software apps will greatly improve the overall customer experience and establish Summit's Tractors as a leader in the industry.

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Tractor Service and Maintenance

  • User-friendly interface to request maintenance or repairs.
  • Scheduling functionality for service appointments.
  • Real-time notifications and updates on service progress.
  • Access to troubleshooting guides and FAQs for self-help.
  • Communication channels to connect with service technicians.
  • Maintenance reminders and notifications for upcoming services.
  • Access to user manuals and documentation for quick reference.

Tractor Sales

  • User-friendly interface to browse and search for compact tractors.
  • Detailed product information, including specifications, pricing, and standard features.
  • Ability to add selected tractors to a cart or wishlist.
  • Seamless checkout process for easy purchasing.
  • Order tracking functionality to monitor the status of the purchase.
  • Integration with retailer store locations for pickup or delivery options.


  • User registration and profile creation.
  • Secure loan application process with data encryption.
  • Collection of the necessary information for loan approval.
  • Real-time credit checks and instant loan approval or conditional pre-approval.
  • Loan term customization and interest rate selection.
  • Monthly payment calculation and comparison options.
  • Ability to review and sign loan agreements digitally.
  • Integration with financial institutions for seamless fund disbursement.

Electronic Document Management

  • Generation and storage of loan documents in a secure digital format.
  • Document signing functionality with electronic signatures.
  • Notifications for completed or pending document signatures.
  • Document version control and audit trail for compliance.
  • Easy retrieval and sharing of loan documents.
  • Integration with the Financing Application App for streamlined document flow.

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